Santha Store Flour Mill Sendirian Berhad is a manufacturing, reprocessing, importing and exporting company, incorporated in Malaysia, registered with the Registrar of Companies under Registration No: 206002-H. Santha Store Flour Mill Sendirian Berhad is a long established manufacturing firm of national and international repute with an unbroken history of 55 years in food industry, specialized in manufacturing of CROW Brand curry powder, flour, spices, household provision groceries, perfumery prayer items, agents, importers and exporters. Santha Store Flour Mill Sendirian Berhad is continuing to upgrade its capabilities through ongoing expansion and research efforts with the newest technology to keep Santha Store Flour Mill Sendirian Berhad on a leading edge in the manufacturing of curry powder food industry in Malaysia. Santha Store Flour Mill Sdn Berhad has always being thriving toward its philosophy of "Customer satisfaction culture" and modem concept of quality, which seeks to increase the customer's satisfaction and corporate results.

Story of Santhas – Crow Brand

Our masala are made using Mr. Vallison’s original recipes. The Pride and Heritage of Mr. Vallison through his children goes into every pack of Santhas masala that’s made. We are a traditional family business and each department is managed by family members. The overwhelming demand our products has led to its rapid expansion and since its establishment, Santha Store Flour Mill Sendirian Berhad has been privileged to serve a domestic and international clientele including both super markets and provision shops.


Our relentless commitment to quality and due to much effort and research emphasized on Crow Brand products, Santha Store Flour Mill Sdn Berhad was selected by the International Selection Committee World Quality Management Board in Madrid, Spain to award with the World Quality Commitment Award (International Platinum Star) at the recent World Quality Convention held in Madrid. Amongst 143 countries present to receive this award, Santha Store Flour Mill Sdn Berhad was the only company from Malaysia, privileged and honored in receiving this prestigious award.


◈ We are Best in Industry
◈ Long Heritage Family Business
◈ Finest Variety
◈ Always Fresh Products
◈ Rich in Flavour
◈ Satisfaction Guaranteed
◈ Friendly Support Staff
◈ Confer to Global Standards
◈ State-of-the-art Manufacturing Facilities
◈ Stringent Quality Control
◈ Sourced Direct from Farmers